Nessa Barret Sentenced to 1 year in prison for vandilsm.

On 11-20-21 at 6:20pm, 19-year old singer and TikTok star Nessa Barret got sentenced to 1 year in prison/jail for vandilsom in the street of the town where she lives. This is Nessa’s 1st time being in prison. Nessa got charged with a felony. 2 felonies. 1: Doing Vandalism. 2: Spray Painting on the Walls. We miss Nessa, but we will hear from her and see from her when she is bailed out of jail. Since she got arrested in November 2021, we should hear from her again in November 2022.Nessa, we will miss you a lot when you are locked up, and your fans will miss you so much too. This is a message to Nessa Barret. See you when you’re locked out! We love youπŸ’–