Mar10 Day (how you can celebrate Mario,a popular Nintendo character!)

Hey there,
Do you like Nintendo….or is the Mario franchise a great thing for you? Well, Mario has his own day! It’s on March 10 because ‘Mar10’ looks like Mario. So in 2020,his day was very special because it marks the Mario franchise’s 35th anniversary. ( I can’t spell anniversary right, I dunno.) Now let’s dive in to what the title says.Now THIS is what people wanna see!!
———————-What you can do to celebrate————————————Scroll down———————–
1. Ask your friends (if they know the franchise) who they like best. ( Baby DK is so cute!!:3)
2. Make a little new article celebrating! (if you want)
3. Make pastries that look like some of the characters!
4. Just play any games you own!
5. If you can, buy a game!
6. Uh…this is it, I guess.
I hope this helps, and goodbye, fellow person looking here!
——————————————END OF ARTICLE++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++