lil tjay Died last night in a tragic shoot out (click here to figure out what happend)

The 20-year-old rapper from the Bronx, NY found dead. Identified as Tione Jayden Merritt publicly known as “Lil Tjay.” A suspect is not in custody but the search is continuous. The Rapper was shot 7 times,3 in the head,2 in the chest, and 2 in the stomach. This killing may have been personal because letters were found which read, “Rest in Anger, U had the audacity to not pay me.” “I will make your family, friends, and supporters rot because of your choice.” He got in a massive shoot out with 6ix9ine suffering with several injury’s he got rushed to the hospital that night later to be known he was pronounced dead R.I.P another legend gone to soon i send my love and tributes to his friends and family