Kim Kardashian Found Dead In A Lake

41-year-old internet star Kim Kardashian was found dead in Lake Athabasca. Police and investigators are trying to find out who did it. A YouTuber who goes by the name “The Fisher” went magnet fishing in this lake and found her many metal jewelry. After figuring out that this jewelry belonged to Kim, he went home, put on a wet suit, and dived into the lake. He then found Kim’s body in the water. Police are interviewing him currently, let’s pass it to them to hear it. “So I was just out doing my normal routine of magnet fishing when I came across diamond stud earrings! I was amazed at the find, so I threw in the magnet again! Surprisingly, I found a golden chain necklace with a locket. I decided to open the locket, and I saw a picture of her with The Kid LAROI! I was confused why all of this was down there, so the next day I decided to come back and take a dive into the lake. When my head hit a dead body, I pulled it up out of the water, to find Kim Kardashian was dead! I then saw that when I flipped the body over, she had a HUGE cut in her lower back. I shook her, to see if she was still alive, and a bullet came out! At this point, I didn’t know what to do, so I called the police.”