Katy Wood The Sharting Monster

It was a beautiful sunny morning the birds were chirping the couples were flirting and 5 kids were hurting… Katy Wood, 13 year old girl was known to have… FARTING Issues, she had a problem as she always dropped the stankiest bombs. She had very few friends because of this so one day she decided all she would eat was black beans and eggs. Her stomach was UPSET, she then stalked Luis Meo, Mahi Meo, Kaylesha (Last Name Unprovided) and The Hoodie Girls.
She then found out they were all going to hang out. She was furious as she was left out and decided to confront them, Not the way you would think Katy Wood pushed stomach, closed her eyes and released her butt cheeks and to their surprise she had done the biggest, smelliest, rottenest, intoxicating, cheese cutting, gruesome, wholesome, elephant, gorilla, FART.
She had let it rip, the fart she had been clenching her cheeks holding it in had finally seen the light of day. Sadly the 5 kids had all smelled this deathly sharty party fart and passed. Our hearts go out to them and then family’s they are now in a better place and safe from the queasy cheesy farts Katy Wood had once released in front of them.
Fly To Heaven Little Angels.