Jose Encarnación is now FBI most wanted criminal

Jose Encarnación has been found for purposely strangling a old man and 3 kids at a Casino in Oklahoma, Also started a fist fight at the Ghostbusters:Afterlife theater while he killed around 12 adults and 6 kids and injured 22 people. We are getting word now that he just finished a shooting at the arcade at the casino and killed 15 adults and 22 children and the bodies have been found trying to be hidden in other hotel rooms he lives in SA but now is at a trip to Dallas. We are also getting word now that he made 4 cops on fire. Again, We are also getting word he threw the bodies at a baby and that baby is now dead and making his parents committing suicide by telling Jose to shoot them. We are once again getting word that when he was gonna dump the bodies in the dumpster the dumpster people came and Jose strangled them to death violently and then used the car to run over 39 people and injuring 54 people. Hopefully last time we are getting word now that he destroyed a small McDonald’s with the truck causing the truck to destroy but unfortunately Jose came out alive. if you find Jose Encarnation please call 911 immediately and the reward will be 500,000 dollars we will update you when we get more information, Thank You.