We found out on a privet tik tok of Piper Rockelles with Jentzen Ramirez in it saying”We are very happy together and it’s are almost 3 year anniversary #JiperπŸ’—πŸ’•.”And we also found a video of them kissing and it looked like they were at Pipers house in Georgia on the couch having a movie night,you can find these videos on youtube.Piper did not post the tik tok because it’s their little secret,Lev Cameron, know as Piper’s boyfriend,doesn’t even know.Elliana Walmsley doesn’t know.Piper and Jentzen have almost kissed 14 times in front of Lev and Elliana.If you look at Jenzen Ramirez’s YouTube page and look you will see that almost every video has Piper in it. That’s it for Jiper today.What do you think,are they dating or not?