Creighton University Shuts Down Over Fraudulent Student Debt Allegations

After a three year long struggle in the US Federal Court system, Creighton University of Arizona is being forced to shut down. The University renown for it’s ease in post-graduation programs has been handed a cease and desist order through Thursday, November 18th decision.

It is to be remembered that late in 2018, prior Creighton students came forward claiming Creighton had provided them scholarships. After these students graduation, it was later revealed these “scholarships” were rather loans. The worst part for these students are the bills they received months after graduation.

“I had been so happy to earn a $40,000 scholarship from Creighton for my PharmD program. After I graduated, I received by mail, a bill for just under $170,000. I was livid. I am glad the monsters in admissions will not get away with this”
-Alyssa P.

We will update as the case progresses.