Covid vaccine killed a child!?!

When you think of Covid-19 you think of one thing: Vaccine. Well for one child the recent mandates were her worse nightmare. Maddie Elpshen aged just 14 recently was trying out for her high school cheer team one day. Little did she know her team requires a covid-19 vaccination to participate. Her mom recently had a friend get sick from the vaccine, so rightfully Maddie and her mother JoAnne were a bit nervous about it. After a few days of contemplation and research they felt comfortable to get Maddie vaccinated. Little did JoAnne know this would be the last time she would see her daughter’s smile as she waited in line for the vaccination. A few minutes later Maddie was punctured in the arm with the vaccine which left her faint and dizzy. Soon after she fainted and was rushed to the hospital. The hospital and their workers including Allison Juarez aged 37 and Scott Beaslic aged 29 were on shift during that fateful day. They both have stated that she was unresponsive and stopped breathing due to the vaccine. Sadly Maddie Elpshen will never cheer again due to this vaccine. Please donate funds for Maddie directly to the #Trump2024 campaign gofundme.