(CHAPTER 4 : “Carriage Ride” )

Cautiously, Hika stepped into the small carriage. The inside wasn’t bad. Hika admired it’s shining glow and peaceful manner. Finding her seat right next to a seemingly shy girl studying a book, she felt at ease, realizing she had the opportunity to relax. Taking a peek over at the girl, she saw that she wasn’t looking over useless information. Must be the preparation guidlines for the school, Hika thought. She still felt a bit nervous, but she knew she wanted this, and it was normal for her to feel that way, as she was a new student coming in. The girl was probably another new student looking for the right directions as well. Suddenly, the horses at the front of the carriage began to neigh as the coachman demanded, and the quiet carriage soon carried along. They rode in complete silence as Hika watched the world outside the windows. “Hello,” the girl said as she closed her book, reiceving Hika’s glance. “Oh, hello.” Hika returned, staring into her eyes. Honestly, her eyes were very attractive. They almost looked like bright blue crystals. “My name is Hearox.” she continued, showing a slight smile. “My name is Hika,”. Before a while the both of them started a great conversation, getting to know each other finely. Hearox was a decent person. Hika would have loved to chat with her for the rest of her time. “I’ve dreamed of becoming a successful witch ever since then. If it weren’t for StarDust, I would never know how to start correctly,” Hearox explained, staring down at her shoes. “Really? StarDust is a great witch! I’ve always looked up to GalaxyRose. She is such an inspiration to me, I realized that more than anything, I want to be a powerful witch just like her!” Hika said, leaning over. “I want to be the warrior witch type,” she continued contentedly. “That’s cool,” Hearox mumbled, her blue eyes staring out the window. They were soon to arrive.