BLACKPINK oldest member Jisoo found dead at 9:00 am in bed 4/3/2021.

Our worldwide beutiful was found dead in her room at 9:00 am. She was mistreated many times so she did not want it to happen anymore, she wrote in her note saying “I am very sorry to do this, I did this because I did not want to be sad anymore. Many people hate me because I’m ugly, my family member’s called me a “monkey” and it is true.” the member’s teared in tears crying for hour’s. Although we lost Ms Kim Jisoo at the age of 26 (27 in Korea) but we shall remember her beutiful face and her wonderful voice. Some say it was a sucide and some say it was a murder, we do not know if it was a sucide or a murder. Now our worldwide beutiful shall now rest in peace. To the fellow BLINK’s we will remember this.